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Cooper Discovery Solutions is an eDiscovery consulting and services firm developing solutions for small and mid-sized law firms. In today’s world, nearly every legal matter involves some aspect of eDiscovery. But many firms lack the resources necessary to keep up with the area’s constantly-evolving rules and technology. And the costs traditionally associated with eDiscovery can quickly surpass a case’s potential value. That’s where we fit in; Cooper Discovery Solutions strives to mesh best practices and economic reality.


At Cooper Discovery Solutions, we know technology and we know the law. Building on our experience with complex civil and criminal matters, we know how to manage the discovery process in a comprehensive, but efficient manner. We use this knowledge while working with you and your team to develop defensible, affordable discovery solutions for your matters.


Think of us as your on-demand discovery department; we’re always there right when you need us. But in between cases, you’re not saddled with the additional overhead that comes with an in-house discovery team.


Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with exceptional service while making your discovery processes more productive and less expensive.


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