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Cooper Discovery Solutions offers an array of services spanning the entire discovery process. For every project, we will customize a solution to meet the demands of your case and fit within your budget.

Compliance & Planning

Having a clear, well-defined plan is essential to any discovery project. This applies whether you're dealing with a single email account or terabytes of data. We'll help you devise a plan that is defensible, efficient, and in compliance with the applicable federal, state, and local rules. Aspects of your plan may include:


  • Meeting with you and your client to identify what data exists and where;

  • Implementing and monitoring necessary legal holds;

  • Crafting requests and responses to opposing parties;

  • Advice on deposition strategies and motion practice;

  • Developing a plan for collecting, analyzing, and filtering the data;

  • Administration of the document review; and

  • Managing data productions.

Forensic Collections

Your client's data may be on any number of different devices and in various locations. If the data is not handled properly, it may be altered or destroyed. This could lead to inadmissibility of the data, adverse inferences, and sanctions. At Cooper Discovery Solutions, our certified professional will collect your client's data in accordance with industry standards to ensure it is forensically sound. Every collection is thoroughly documented and defensible. 


Once the data is collected, our focus shifts to quickly getting you the key information. We employ early case assessment and analytics technologies, and combine them with other filtering techniques to narrow your data set. We then process the data and prepare it for loading into your preferred review tool. These steps allow you to start your review with the most relevant data, saving you time and money. 

Analysis & Reduction
Production & Presentation

Cooper Discovery Solutions can help manage and oversee your productions to opposing counsel or government agencies. We'll help establish production specifications that best suit your data and we'll manage each production using stringent quality-control procedures to ensure they are error-free.

We also offer document presentation services for trials, hearings, depositions, and focus groups. Using the latest software and technology, we'll help seamlessly integrate your key exhibits and present them to your audience so you can focus on telling the story of your case.

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